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Crib Mattress Cover

J.C. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I thought I remember reading on a mamasource request some suggestions for a mattress cover to help prevent SIDS and allergies. I was hoping to purchase one...


How Do You Know If a Mattress Is the Right Size for a Crib?

K.M. asks from Redding

The subject of crib mattress to crib size was brought up in a Mother-to-Mother support group recently. One mom had a handmade crib that was a unique size and she was...


Have You Heard of or Tried This Organic Crib Mattress?

K.O. asks from San Francisco

Natural rubber and organic wool infant mattress by Pixel Organic ...


Mattress Pad

P.L. asks from Detroit

I've been reading a lot about the benefits of getting an organic crib mattress and I did I am wondering about the mattress pad. What should I be looking fo...


How Low Must the Crib Mattress Be for a Standing Baby?

A.S. asks from Dallas

My son is 11 months and always stands up in his bed. His crib has 4 settings, and we've had it on the lowest setting for about a month. The problem is, I'm short, a...


Safe Mattress

E.F. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have a suggestion on where to buy a less expensive organic twin mattress? Or do you have any advice on a more affordable alternative? Thank You!


Crib Mattress Recommendation Needed

A.J. asks from San Francisco

I have heard so much about foam mattresses verses coil for cribs, which is better? I have read the coil are "safer" for SIDS prevention but are so heavy they're reall...


Stinky Mattress

L.F. asks from Houston

Hi everyone! I wanted to know if there is a way to "wash" a stinky mattress. My 3 little ones have peed on it while I change their diapers and they have also thrown u...


Mattress Suggestions???

L.B. asks from Fort Wayne

Hi mommas, I'm currently 6 months pregnant with baby #2 and I think my hubby and I are ready to finally get a new mattress to replace our second hand mattress that mu...


Kicking the Mattress

J.M. asks from Dover

Has anyone out there ever experienced their baby kicking their mattress, even while sleeping? My daughter is 5 months old and she does it all of the time. I will eve...

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  • from the original mattress factory in 2 answers "Our guest room bed, we got from the Original Mattress Factory."
  • priced coil mattress in 2 answers "A.: We went with a reasonably-priced coil mattress (the Sealy for $90 at Babies ..."
  • ultimate crib sheet in 2 answers "... helps greatly with either kind of mattress it is called the ultimate crib sheet ..."
  • rubber mattress cover in 2 answers "... sleeping place). Once it's all dry, purchase a plastic/rubber mattress cover ..."
  • flame retardant in 2 answers "Make sure it is not soaked in the flame retardant chemicals."