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Good Products for Cradle Cap

Sep 3, 2009 ... Read all 4 responses: "Anyone know any good products for cradle cap? My 13 month old has really bad ... salon products · baby's cradle cap ...

Cradle Cap for Adults

The Dermatologist I work for recommended for my baby when he had cradle cap to use the purple head & shoulders everyday until it went away. ...

Cradle Cap

With both of my kids, when the cradle cap thing showed up, I simply took the soft baby brush you get at baby showers, and brushed their scalp in circles ...

Cradle Cap

I would avoid putting baby oil on it until I was sure it was actually cradle cap - because baby oil helps cradle cap a lot but makes eczema worse, ...

Treatment for Cradle Cap

When my daughter was a baby, she got cradle cap pretty bad. ..... S. when my baby's had cradle cap I would but shampoo in their hair (bath time) and with a ...

How to Deal with Cradle Cap!!

I have raised 5 kids and never had a bout with cradle cap. One of the things that give babies cradle cap is putting baby lotion on their heads. ...

Cradle Cap?

You have to soak his head with baby oil and then gently comb the cradle cap off the babyoil does all the work.Ive had this problem with my son. goodluck! ...

Cradle Cap Spreading to Face?

Skin conditions like cradle cap are evidence for dysbiosis, or wrong organisms living in the body. The baby gets the correct organisms, ...

Cradle Cap

Oct 15, 2009 ... A really good way to get rid of cradle cap is to have the child lay down with her head in your lap while you sit cross legged. Rub baby oil ...

Treatment Ideas for Cradle Cap??

My 5 month old baby boy has terrible cradle capseborrheic dermatitis on his head It is now spreading to his forehead and Im worried it will continue to ...
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  • then use a fine tooth comb in 2 answers "I always used baby oil and rubed it in then use a fine tooth comb and gently comb ..."
  • had really bad cradle cap in 3 answers "my son had really bad cradle cap and my stylist recommeded i use paul mitchells tea ..."
  • babies had cradle cap in 3 answers "When my babies had cradle cap, I would put a little baby oil on the head before bath ..."
  • sons had cradle cap in 3 answers "Hey T., When my son's had cradle cap, I used babyoil on his head and took his baby ..."
  • really bad cradle cap in 3 answers "My oldest got really bad cradle cap when he was a baby."