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Cat Urine

My perfectly behaved cat started doing the same thing when my daughter was born. ... stress from the new baby and the loss of attention that came from that. ...

Need Cat Proof Crib

With our first child, our cat did the same thing! We had the crib set up for a few months before the baby was born and the cat slept in there constantly! ...

Baby Gate with Cat Door?

Read all 7 responses: "Does anyone know where you can get a nice looking baby gate for a doorway that has a door for a cat to get through?"

9 Month Old Baby Sleep Problems

My girlfriends 9 month old baby goes to bed easily by 9:00 pm - but wakes up appx. ... If she's a really early riser maybe she needs a third "cat nap" right ...

Cat Scratched 10.5 Month Old

then you could try giving the cat those while the baby is petting him/her to try to positively reinforce the baby's presence. That technique is more of a ...

My Baby Doesn't Want Me to Read to Her

Like in the little Red Hen: Not I, said the cat. Not I, said the hen. ... tell her, "that's ok, I'll just read to the baby doll", read to the doll and act ...

6 Month Old That Doesn't Get Enough Sleep

I have a six month old son and he cat naps (30-45 min) several times during the day and sleeps about two 4 hour stretches at .... 6 month old · baby cat ...

Daytime Naps

This leads to several cat naps throughout the day instead of two long naps. How do I get him to drink a full bottle .... baby naps · cat cries all the time ...

8 Week Old Baby Unable to Stay Asleep for More than 20 Minutes During the Day

My first baby was a cat napper Never stayed asleep for longer than 1520 minutes during the day Very frustrating because I felt like I never got anything ...

Help! My Cat Won't Stop Meowing!!!

As soon as we put up baby gates in our house our cat Herkimer got pretty agitated (lots of meowing at night) and even pooped on one of the baby's toys. Ick! ...
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  • declawing your cat in 2 answers "I don't suggest declawing your cat."
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