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Baby Won't Sleep Through the Night.

C.N. asks from Atlanta

I have an eighteen month old baby, who gets up about twice throughout the night even though I would give her her bottle. Should she be getting up this often? I can'...


Baby with Fluid in His Ear

K.V. asks from Atlanta

Hi everybody! I have a 13 months old baby boy, he had an ear infection las week, and it's the fourth one since November, well, the doctor said the infection was clear...


Can My Milk Supply Re-establish After a Decrease?

D.T. asks from Atlanta

I brestfeed my 3 month old daughter exclusively and just returned from a trip overseas 2 weeks ago. The first week we got back I was so exhausted from my daughter's c...


Seeking Sleep After 19 Months!!!

D.M. asks from Huntsville

I have a 19 month old that has MAYBE slept through the night a TOTAL of 5 times! He wakes up 3-5 times a night crying for us. HELP!? Any suggestions?


Can My Son Be Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD at the Age of 4

B.D. asks from Augusta

I have a 4 year old son who cant sit still. The only time he is somewhat quiet is when he is into his video games. The only time he is completely quiet is when he is ...


Lack of Intimacy After Having a Baby?

R.M. asks from Fresno

My daughter is now almost 13 months old. Ever since she was born, my sex drive has been non-existent. She IS still breastfeeding, but not nearly as much as she was be...


Need to Lose Weight After 3Rd Baby at Age 38

L.O. asks from Nashville

I was just wondering if anyone new of a good excercise program or weightloss program. I have been so depressed. I have gained about 50 lbs and I cant seem to lose it....


To Be or Not to Be Induced?

T.L. asks from St. Louis

Today is my due date and my doctor wants to induce. The problem is I'm scared to be induced from everything I hear and read being induced makes it harder on me and m...


Living with the In-laws......

E.W. asks from New York

Ok, another question about moving. We currently rent our home and are moving to a new rental in a month with the option of purchasing it- which will happen within the...


Dry Chapped Hands

J.D. asks from Grand Forks

We are new to the area and this is our first winter here. My son has really chapped hands and I was wondering if you had some idea that would help? He wont even wear ...

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