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Breastfed Baby Suddenly Refuses Bottles!

Read all 12 responses: "The first couple of months she took a bottle from daddy no problem. They daddy was gone (travels for work) like every other week he ...

Getting Baby to Take Bottle

Read all 12 responses: "How do I get my breastfed infant to take a bottle?"

Breastfed Baby Refusing Bottle

Read all 21 responses: "My 3 month old son has just starting refusing a bottle. At 6 weeks I had to have a surgery so for 24 hours he got only bottles and ...

Baby Not Taking Bottle

Jun 10, 2009 ... Read all 9 responses: "Hi Moms, My 4 month old little boy does not want to take the bottle at all. He is a breast feed baby.

Help Weaning Breastfed Baby - He Won't Take Formula Bottle from Me

Read all 11 responses: "Due to my work schedule, I am trying to slowly wean my 6 month old son off of the breast. Starting by only pumping once/day at work, ...

Best Bottles for Gassy Baby

Read all 20 responses: "I am using the Playtex Drop-in bottles but my six-week- old has a TON of gas. We switched to soy formula and use gas drops, ...

Baby Refusing Bottle

Read all 8 responses: "I have a three month old baby boy who is currently breastfed. He used to take an occasional bottle a few times a few, ...

Baby Will Not Take a Bottle.

Read all 14 responses: "Any ideas on how to get my 3 month old to take a bottle. This is my first breastfed baby and I am feeling like I can't go to the ...

How to Wean Your Baby from Breast to Bottle.

Read all 11 responses: "My 3 month old is breast fed and refuses to take a bottle. She only wants me. For personal reasons I want to bottle feed with ...

When Do I Stop Giving My Baby Her Bottle and Formula?

Read all 11 responses: "My daughter is a healthy and normal 9 and a half months old, she eats 3 or 4 meals of baby food and select soilds a day, ...
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  • playtex vent aire in 2 answers "I like the Playtex Vent-Aire bottles they're easy to clean, and works great for gas."
  • tried everything under the sun in 2 answers "... my husband or others and then just stopped. I tried everything under the sun ..."
  • playtex drop ins in 2 answers "... nipple, i tried different bottles, but when back to the playtex drop in's ..."
  • dr browns bottles in 2 answers "We struggled with gassy babies and I even bought the Dr Browns bottles (they seemed ..."
  • using a shot glass in 2 answers "I remember a lactation consultant suggesting using a shot glass or other very small ..."