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A Name for My Baby!!!

How did you find your baby's name? Nothing is coming to mind and there are so many names in baby books, where do you even start? My husband picked a name, ...

Books (Fiction) That Help Prepare Kids for New Sibling

i bought my son "authors' new baby". we didn't go into alot of books, ... The book that I recommend is "What baby needs" by William and Martha Sears. ...

When Does a Baby Talk?

Baby books are a wonderful source of information but gosh darn our babies just don't read the books. They work on their own time table and for every 'early' ...

Expecting Baby #2 in 4 Weeks. Need a Video to Explain New Baby???

Just not them being in her house :) We shall go to the bookstore tomorrow and pick out a new baby book and maybe a new book for the baby. Thanks again :) ...

Taking a Poll on Favorite Pre and Postnatal Book

I second The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp! This is an awesome book - really helpful and so supportive and encouraging! ...

How to Sterilize Books and Toys"

Clorox makes a baby safe liquid cleaner, I would wipe them down with that and let ... I use soap and water or vinegar to wipe down books (the vinegar smell ...

School Years Memory Book

Aug 11, 2009 ... I had bought school record books for all my kids they also have baby books that go up through the school years but what I loved more then ...

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

I don't remember it but it went something like, welcome to the shower of Mommy and Baby who. And in the poem they asked you to bring a book so that Mommy ...

Good Pregnancy Books

The Baby Book: Everything You Need To Know About Your Baby From Birth To Age Two by William Sears, Martha Sears, Robert Sears, and James Sears ...

7 Week Old Baby

I know that there are already other responses that suggest this but I used the advice from the book Becoming Baby wise I established 600 to be our normal ...
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