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Hair Cut to Stimulate Growth?

J.W. asks from Richland

Hi, My 19 month old daughter has very fine wispy hair. Some people have recently told me that cutting her hair will make it grow in thicker. I've always thought th...


Seeking Moms

J.R. asks from Chicago

My 13 month old refuses to eat solid food and will throw up if forced. Still on puree and the bottle. Will use sippy cups for juice and water. Any suggestions to g...


Won't Eat Textured Foods

M.B. asks from Chicago

My daughter is almost 11 months and will not eat textured foods. She loves fruits and/or veges from the jar, but she coughs and her eyes get watery if we try to give...


Has Anyone Quit Smoking Recently and How Did You Do It?

K.R. asks from Houston

Just wondering if anyone has tried to quit smoking. My husband is ready to quit after many many years of smoking. I've heard about accupuncture and wondered if that m...

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  • quit cold turkey in 5 answers "I quit cold turkey 22 yrs ago, and never looked back!"
  • cutting her hair wont make in 2 answers "Cutting her hair won't make it grow thicker, but it will probably appear thicker because ..."
  • when hes ready hell in 2 answers "Don't force feed him. When he's ready he'll eat it."
  • nicotine withdrawal in 2 answers "I think all that talk about nicotine withdrawal is just to get you to spend 40+ dollars ..."
  • wispy ends in 3 answers "Sometimes when you take off those wispy ends, it looks fuller - true with adult hair ..."