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Water Birth And/or Hypno-birthing

I am looking into both options. Anyone have experience with either. Baby #1 was a natural birth, but the most painful part was when I was in the bed..."

Birth Control While Breast Feeding

Read all 11 responses: "What types of birth control have breast feeding mothers used and ... My baby is now 10 months old and I again have the Mirena IUD. ...

Bleeding After Giving Birth

I gave birth 4 weeks ago and am still bleeding. It's still bright red, I don't remember this after the birth of my first baby. Some days are heavier than ...

Don't Want Certain People to Visit at the Hospital After Birth.........

This is your baby, and you want the birth to be special. I felt the same when when I gave birth. I think it's the mama instict kicking in. ...

I Need a Baby Nurse - 24 Hour

I'm looking for a baby nurse for after I give birth this summer. I'd like someone 24 hours for 2 weeks willing to work in the Beverlywood/Pico Robertson.. ."

Birth Control

I've been pregnant for the last two years. I was looking into the birth..." ... O.~ First congratulations on your upcoming baby. ...

Water Births & Squating While Giving Birth?

My advice to you at this time and I feel the most important advice a birthing mother can get it: Trust your self, your body and your baby to birth naturally ...

Birth Control and Breastfeeding

Read all 11 responses: "Can anyone suggest a good birth control method ... Congrats on your baby!! They grow up very fast, so take lots of pictures! ...

Can Your Birth Control Pills Make You Sick???

Whenever i have been off of birth control pills for a while, I have to make sure I eat ... giving birth · make will · birth control pills · baby birth ...

Mini-pill Birth Control

Oct 29, 2009 ... (or really any type of hormone birth control -- I always feel like I am not myself when I am on .... birth of baby · pregnant birth control ...
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