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Spaghetti Night Baby

Otherwise if your baby is already naked give him a quick rinse by sitting him in the kitchen sink before going to the bath tub ...

How Safe Is My Whirlpool Tub?

Finally I can bathe my kids in a real tub, no more improvised shower ... Baby Bath SEAT · 20 · 5 Month Old Getting Too Big for Her Bath Tub Laying Down. ...

Toddler Suddenly Afraid of the Bathtub!

Plus my sister-in-law said to try and use baby body wash to make some bubbles and it ... My daugher is just now getting over her fear of the bath tub. ...

TriHealth Midwives at Good Sam?

Mercy fairfield is a Baby friendly hospital, and has jet tubs in every room! .... you want to use different aids, including a bath tub brought to the room. ...

Water Births

Read all 11 responses: "I was wanting to learn more about water/tub births. ... I've been told that if you are in the hospital bath when the baby comes, ...

Hot Tubs and Pregnancy

My doctor told me it couldn't be any hotter then bath water and I think no .... the hot tub, you would probably have your baby soon enough that it wouldn't ...

Experience Giving Birth in Portland Hospitals?

The tubs in the L&D rooms are regular sized bathtubs, so if you think you'll want to .... I loved my experience and though I haven't had a baby at OHSU, ...

Seeking Advice on Treating Excema for Toddler

When she was younger we used to put baby oil in her bath water to keep her skin from .... Also, giving fewer baths might help, avoiding hot tubs, etc. ...

Bath Toys

Also, a Winnie the Pooh bath tub toy set. She loves to give Piglet a bath. Of course, I initialy had to show her how to do this and ... My Baby Hates Baths ...

How to Clean/steralize Bath Toys

My kids are older now but I use to put their bath toys in a netted bag and throw ... dawn with bleach....the best part is you can drain is and let them dry in the tub. ... You should beable to find it cheaper somewhere if there are baby ...
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