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What's Normal for Breastfed Babies?

C.S. asks from Chicago

My 2 1/2 month old is exclusively breastfed. However, his bowel movements seem very irregular to me. He only poops every 2-3 days and when he goes, its all liquid w...


Baby Gear for BIG Babies!!

K.R. asks from Youngstown

Hey ladies- my little guy will be 11 weeks on thursday and is already tipping the scales at over 15lbs!! He was 10lb 5 oz at birth. Hes perfectly healthy- both of my ...


When Do Babies Drop Naps?

T.I. asks from Fort Collins

My 3 month old boy-girl twins are now sleeping through the night! We put them to bed at 8/8:30 (after a bedtime routine at about 7/7:30), wake them up for a twilight...


Anyone Have Babies Born with Teeth??

L.Q. asks from Los Angeles

Hello friends!!! my DD2 was born with her 2 bottom teeth (1 out os 2,000 babies is born with natal teeth) but they were removed the next day b/c they were so lose (j...


"Where Do Babies Come From" D. B.

D.B. asks from Lake Charles

My 8 year old son has been asking me lately, where do babies come from. He says he knows that the baby comes out of the womans stomach, but how does the baby get in t...


When and How to Explain to Child "How Babies Are Made"

A.C. asks from Pocatello

Ok, Moms, I need your advice! I have a 6 1/2 year old son who is curious about how things work. Usually when he asks me a scientific question, we will jump on the int...


Babies Personalities and Astrology

C.G. asks from Dallas

OK this question is on behalf of my sister who is planning her second little cherub. My little sister is planning her second child and she is very much into star sig...


Pets and Babies - How Do You Manage?

J.P. asks from New York

I am currently expecting my first kids, twin girls, in a few months. I have 2 cats and 2 small dogs, who get along well with one another. However, we have NO idea h...


Do Some Babies Skip the Rolling over Milestone?

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter will be seven months old on Friday. She has never rolled over - not front to back, nor back to front. She seems to be meeting her other milestones and i...


So Then, If I Can't Have Babies Can I Have a Puppy?

E.D. asks from Seattle

Holey Moley. Have I told you all how much I just want a baby? Well I do. Every cell in my body is shouting "MAKE A BABY!!!! BIG FAMILY!!!!" I'm trying to squ...

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