babies born with one kidney

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5 Months Pregnant Baby May Only Have One Working Kidney

B.B. asks from San Diego

I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and found out yesterday that possibly my daughter may only have one working kidney. I go see a specialist but not until the 19th. Does a...


Infant with Kidney Stones

J.M. asks from Erie

I was just wondering if any of you moms have dealt with this or are dealing with an infant with kidney stones? My 6 1/2 month old son has kidney stones and we also ju...


Mommytobe with Kidney Pain

R.M. asks from New York

Hi I am 29 weeks pregnant and yesterday I started to have some mild discomfort in my kidney region on my left side, so I called my doctor today and she had me come in...


Baby Has Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney Disease

L.R. asks from Denver

My 4 month old daughter was diagnosed with Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney Disease while I was pregnant with her. So far we have had an ultrasound to check her kidney ...


Anyone Else Have a Child with Kidney Reflux?

J.F. asks from Columbus

My 22 week old daughter was diagnosed with kidney reflux last week. She will now have to take a low-dose antibiotic for at least 2 years, and then be re-tested to see...


Breech Babies

C.D. asks from Charlotte

I am 34 weeks pregnant and found out last week that my duaghter is breech. The doctor didn't seem to concerned. He said she could turn in 2 hours or not. I was wonde...


8 Week Old Just Diagnosed with Kidney Reflux

B.B. asks from Los Angeles

On her one month birthday my daughter was in the ER with a fever of 102.7. She was diagnosed with a UTI. We just had our follow up kidney ultrasound and VCUG last w...


Lst Time Mom to Be of Triplets, 15 Weeks Old and One Has Kidney Blockage

B.F. asks from Wichita Falls

Just had a ultrasound today and baby B has what appears to be a kidney blockage. The Dr explained about doing a shunt through my abdomin to baby, the risks and effect...


Pregnanct with Twins and Told One of the Babies Has Low Amniotic Fluid.

M.H. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms. I am 22wks pregnant with twins (Fraternal - Boy/Girl). I had a Level II ultrasound done at 20wks and was told that one of the babies has very low amniotic...


JFF: Your Four Legged Babies

T.S. asks from Roanoke

My best friends house has 9 pets, and 2 have decided to attach themselves to me along with my own cat :) We have Xander, who is the baby (Dachshund) WE have his dad...

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  • may have a urinary tract infection in 2 answers "... it sounds like from your symptoms that you may have a urinary tract infection."
  • had low amniotic fluid in 2 answers "I had low amniotic fluid (pockets) with my oldest son caused by hypertension."
  • born with only 1 kidney in 2 answers "J., For what it's worth, I was born with only 1 kidney, didn't know it until I started ..."
  • had kidney stones in 2 answers "I cannot imagine how you are dealing with this -- my husband had kidney stones when ..."
  • one functioning kidney in 2 answers "My 9 month old son only has one functioning kidney."