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Baby Is So Gassy, Should I Change to Formula?

Read all 6 responses: "My baby is two months old and for the last couple of weeks, ... I know they say that breast milk is best for the babies, but I am so ...

Newborn Not Seeming to Thrive

Is the baby just given a pacifier? Some babies are seemingly "content to starve" with something to suck on all the time, and the parents need to intervene. ...

Does Baby Einstein Rot Babies Brains???

Read all 8 responses: "Hi there, so my son started watching baby einstein at maybe 5 months old and LOVED it. He'd completely pay attention and we'd watch ...

Blood/ Mucus in Babies Stool

Blood/ Mucus in Babies Stool. Last night my 4 month old had a small stool that was regular yellow for a breastfed baby. But there was also a bit of mucus w/ ...

Anyone Substitute Goat's Milk Yogurt for Babies First Yogurt?

Everyone there feeds their babies yogurt, which is made exclusively from goats milk, so I did the same. ... substitute for butter · baby names for babies ...

Can Babies Sleep Too Much?!?

Can Babies Sleep Too Much?!? My almost 6 month old baby girl just started teething, and is sleeping a TON! I don't know if this is normal or if I should be ...

Baby Shower Gift

Oct 29, 2009 ... They are very flexible and large enough to wrap a baby and since babies move a lot, these blankets stay wrapped sround the baby. ...

Question About My Babies Stools

Is your baby breastfed or formula fed? I ask because breastfed babies rarely get constipated and it is very normal for them to go several days in between ...

Especially for Baby (Babies R Us Store Brand) Disposable Diapers?

Read all 13 responses: "Has anybody used these? Are they any good? They're on sale 3 boxed for $20 which is AWESOME if they're any good and a lot of money ...

Getting Baby on a Schedule

Oct 29, 2009 ... And in a baby his size, that stress translates to increase in cortisol .... At 2 months, babies still need about 4 naps a day (2 in the ...
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  • pear or prune juice in 2 answers "... won't take it straight try and sub and 1/4 to 1/3 of the pear or prune juice ..."
  • never used goats milk in 2 answers "Never used goats milk but we did use cos milk yogurt."
  • cows milk yogurt in 4 answers "I waited until my son was a year old before giving him YoBaby cow's milk yogurt and ..."
  • worst case scenario in 2 answers "... the store brands definitely don't last through the night]. Worst case scenario ..."
  • cut out all dairy in 2 answers "... If you believe that dairy may be the culprit, you need to cut out ALL DAIRY ..."