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Baby Can't Suck Bottle

My first loved the clear silicon Avent nipples and hated the latex Playtex nipples. ... A few that I have had success with are Playtex Nurser, Avent, ...

Sippy Cups

We used Avent bottles and it was easy to switch over to Avent sippy cups - the .... With the nipples, buy the nuby fast flow or just sterilize a needle and ...

How Do I Wean My 13-Month-old of a Naptime and Nighttime Bottle?

avent bottle · 14 cup · bottle brush · turkey holiday · avent sterilizer · formula drift · avent bottle warmer · avent warmer ...

Adoption and Feeding??

Maybe try Avent bottles? they have soooo much other stuff to go with them ( sterilizers, breast pump, sippy cups, etc.). These bottles worked well with my ...

Is Thumb-sucking Really That Bad?

DO NOT use avent.. it just pops right out..2. Nuk and playtex are the best... but I used playtex ... avent sterilizer · kid smart · thumbsucking · bad cold ...

Heating Bottles

Im a mother of 2, i used AVENT for a long time. It is a good product, about sterilizing better be used steamer you can asked the AVENT seller about the ...

Formula Feeding My Baby, HELP!

I ended up buying a steam sterilizer that does 9 standard bottles or 5 large bottles (like Avent-sized) at a time, plus nipples. As for formula, I can't ...

What Bottles to Use?

I used the avent bottles with both of my kids. The bottles are wide and easy for the baby ... I also had the microwave sterilizer which is also wonderful. ...

Breast Pump.

Hands down, I am only going to use the ISIS Avent hand held breast pump again ... i believe it is around $40. no need to get the sterilizer. just wipe the ...

Breast Pump Recommendation

... have to sterilize after each use- I would just take it home and sterilize at home .... I have used several pumps - the Ameda, Lansinoh and Avent and my ...
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