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Finding the Right Sippy Cup for My Almost 1 Year Old

I have been trying to work with her on a sippy cup too. I use Avent sippy cups because they have a soft spout. I take the "spill proof stopper" out of the ...

Need Advice on Sippy Cups

AVENT makes a really nice rubber tipped sippy cup that has handles that can be slipped on or removed. It has a nice flow that comes out easily, that doesn't ...

Sippy Cups

Read all 12 responses: "What sippy cups do you use? I've tried 3 kinds and she just wants ... I also liked the green inserts that work with Avent bottles. ...

Sippy Cups

She didn't like the Gerber trainer or the Nuby and didn't seem to get how to drink out of it at all until my mom sent the Avent sippy cup trainer! ...

Bottle to Sippy Cup Advice

After a couple times our son knew no more bottle and if I want to drink it will have to be from the cup. I really enjoyed using the avent sippy cups. ...

Advice on Switching from Bottle to Sippy Cup

I had the best luck with Avent sippy cups. They have soft inserts for the first stage and have an insert with a silicone disc on the inside to adjust the ...

Seeking Advice Re: Sippy Cups

There are also some very soft top sippy cups that are good for the transition. ..... Merry Go Round · sippy cups for babies · avent sippy cups · baby sippy ...

Sippy Cups

We used Avent bottles and it was easy to switch over to Avent sippy cups - the handles and mouthpieces fit the cups and bottles both and you're able to buy ...

Leaking Avent Bottles

Read all 21 responses: "I have a 7-month-old son and we use the Avent ... I bought Avent sippy cups when my first son weaned thinking they'd be great, ...

Sippy Cup

what brand is nubby? i bought a sippy cup for my 6 month baby, and i got him an AVENT brand. i mean he sucks on it and bites down on it. what i need him to ...
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  • gerber sip and snack cups in 2 answers "The only cups my daughter would take were the Gerber sip and snack cups."
  • sippy cups with the straws in 2 answers "... just now getting to the point where they will use the sippy cups with the straws."
  • nuby sippy cups in 2 answers "The ones she likes best, are the Nuby sippy cups, but they're difficult to get the ..."
  • playtex sippy cups in 2 answers "ALL 3 of my kids did great on Playtex sippy cups,they have handles, don't leak and ..."
  • they leaked all over in 2 answers "I never got them to work properly and they leaked all over the place."