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TIKE - "Toddler Information Kept for Emergencies"

K.M. asks from Portland

My name is K. and I'm a member of an insurance womens association that is going to start a new community service for the entire State of Oregon. This bright neon gree...


Hubby Thinks 2Nd Job Is Worthless, Behind on Mortgage and Bills.

D.D. asks from Denver

My husband works a 4 10 hour schedule and off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I work 5 8 hour shifts off on Saturday and Sunday. We had 2 boys and added a unplanned b...


Parking/neighbor Problems in the Suburbs

E.M. asks from Chicago

Hi there, We just moved into a new home and we enjoy it, except for one problem. We have a neighbor who has not introduced himself who seems to enjoy parking his big...


Rip-off Dealerships

H.E. asks from Norfolk

Hello everyone, My car gave out on me and I need to find a nused (vehicle with 1 owner) ASAP. I have one problem though, I haven't worked or lived in VA long enough...


Help - I Can't Get Anything Done!

J.L. asks from Seattle

I am a "work widow" to my husbands two full time jobs, i was in a car accident last week, and we just moved into a new house and everything is in boxes, the yard is a...


Geico Insurance

K.G. asks from Boca Raton

Hi Everyone, My insurance spiked up and I was shopping around, I found that Geico is the cheapest so I bought a policy with them today... After canceling my other ...


Mapping Route with Things to Do

A.G. asks from Dallas

Is there a website that will help me map our road trip with stops along the way? We are planning a roadtrip from the DFW area to Destin, Florida in a couple of weeks...


Needing Advice on Credit Repair

T.C. asks from Oklahoma City

well I'm experiencing some bad decisions I've made in the past,...I want to correct some bad credit. I've been wanting to refinance my current mortgage,..and well my ...


Auto Clubs - Which Is Best? AAA vs Allstate Motor Club

S.B. asks from Chicago

One year ago we had a 13 year old we had the extended auto plan with allstate (extended towing coverage, etc). They upgraded us for free and it came in ha...


Car Wrack Today, Need Advise Please!

S.Z. asks from Dallas

Hi moms, I am still shocked over what happened earlier - got into a side collision and thank GOD, no kids were in there. While my car is at the collision center...

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