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Adjustment Disorder? Neuro-Cognitive Problems?

They are suggesting 'Adjustment Disorder, with disruption in behavior.' They are also wanting to refer ..... Attention Deficit Disorder · health assessment ...

Holding My Daughter Back in 3Rd Grade and Visual Processing Disorder

Oct 16, 2009 ... I have to tell you, I suspected auditory processing disorder in my son for nearly a year before ..... college algebra · attention disorder ...

Advice for Toddler W/sensory Integration Disorder

My son doesn't have this disorder, but he has a speech delay and possibly a speech .... toddler shoes · attention disorder · speech therapy · Family Therapy ...

Asperger's Syndrome

Of course the behavior disorder kids got the most attention just to protect the other children. It was awful. The other special ed teachers were so worn out ...

Child Possibly Diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

My mom started this to give my brother positive attention when he was doing .... There is a very good book called Oppositional Defiant disorder:The parents ...

Strattera or Adderal

FDA notified health care professionals about a new warning for Strattera, a drug approved for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults and ...


Read all 9 responses: "How do you know if your child has attention deficit disorder? I cant tel if my child is just rebelious or he sick"

My Brother Has an Eating Disorder

That kind of disorder can lead to so many secondary issues-and the end results could be something you are not ..... eating healthy · attention disorder ...

16 Year Old Doing Home Work, but Not Handing It In.

Has your niece ever been tested for Attention Deficit Disorder? My husband was the EXACT same way in high school (only 8 years ago). ...

Sensory Integration Disorder or "Normal" Child?

I say pay close attention, but don't assume the worse, If you are really ... I have a 6 year old that was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder when ...
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