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Mother in Pain Pleaes Help

... I recently lost my job because they thought that I was on drugs or drinking ..... Seeking Anyone Who Has or Knows Someone Diagnosed with Lupus Arthritis ...

Pain in Legs and Back Since Having My Baby.

... and it can really get you back in alignment and out of pain without drugs. ... two of the vertebrae in my neck and flared up arthritis in my spine. ...

10 Year Old Daughter - Tailbone Pain

I told my doctor to never condemn some one to arthritis until he first sent .... technologies that can help (best of all they are not drugs or surgery). ...

Out of Control 8 Yr Old

So calledbehavior modification prescription drugsRitalin and others are no ..... Seeking Anyone Who Has or Knows Someone Diagnosed with Lupus Arthritis ...

Decision About Pet

... drugs do for humans that have trouble with arthritis. I would give it to her in a turkey baster but my poodle will drink it in her water and love it! ...

How to Naturally Regain Hair Loss!

There are a lot of products/drugs that may claim to help, ... My doctor suggested Rogaine for me but I have long hair,arthritis in my shoulders and cannot ...

To Vaccine or Not?

AND, the hepatitis B can trigger autoimmune arthritis if you have the DR4 .... The Drug companies make billions of dollars a year on drugs and vaccines, ...

Using Pro-active Acne Medication While Pregnant

... for over a year for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and this tore up my system. .... I did take meds prescribed by a dr during pregnancy but only drugs I really ...

Horrible Headaches

It is usually the Tylenol bottle that says it helps arthritis. ..... my last pregnancy, and with some of the things going on, drugs had to come into play, ...

My Son Has ADD and ADHD Help

At 33 I was diagnosed with rhumitoid arthritis. ... Ritalin and other drugs of the like should be avoided if at all possible as they have been proven to ...
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