are heartburn and acid reflux the same

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Because I swear that I could eat the same thing two days in row and have heartburn one day ..... I am an acid reflux queen...has it for about 10 years now. ...

Babies with Acid Reflux?

My baby is ten months now and she did the same thing. I too thought she had acid reflux or something else. My first daughter spit up, but not so much. turns ...

Acid reflux...when Medicine Doesn't Work

Even if no allergies, maybe if you try to avoid eating common heartburn causing or gassy ... My son started taking Axid for GERD/acid reflux at 4 months. ...

Acid Reflux

For me, I take a probiotic that keeps me from getting heartburn (which I started getting after I had my son). I know it also helps with acid reflux and ...

My 8 Year Old Feels Nauseous Every Night.

Have you considered acid reflux? Sometimes kids when kids complain their stomach hurts, what they mean is heartburn. It would get worse when he ate a big ...

Best Formula for Acid Reflux Baby?

It had the same stuff as the more expensive Brand Name Formulas, but I found that it disolved the best. Granted my son did not have acid reflux, ...

7 Year Old with Chest Pains

My six year old daughter complains of the same chest pains. ... It may be nothing more than acid reflux but since it is chest pain, ... take him now it could be nothing but it could be heart burn it could be his heart and it could be ...

My Newborn Has Severe Acid Reflux

She is 13 now and still suffers from heartburn when she overeats or eats too many sweets, the Dr says it is all related to the acid reflux. ...

Can Children Have Heartburn?

Absolutely 9 year olds can have heartburn and acid reflux. I know of several babies that have it. My grandson who is 9 has acid reflux. ...

Heartburn While Pregnant

I am pregnant and experiencing heartburn really badly (especially at night) ... i had acid reflux terribly with my first son and i just finished reading all ...
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