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Help with My Daughter's Anxiety...

Now that he is on the anti-anxiety medication he is functioning much better in school and at home. He can still become paralyzed with fear/anxiety but ...

Pregnancy and Paxil

With my prior pregnancy I stop the medication cold turkey because of fear that it could cause a birth defect or ..... panic disorder · anxiety medication ...

Does Medication Held?

Anyone who would tell you NOT to take the medication, does not truly know what it is to be depressed ..... anxiety medication pregnancy · anxiety medication ...

Medication While Being Pregnant

I know of someone who was having a baby the samme time I was and when she found out she was pregnant she quit all her depression/anxiety medication. ...

Anxiety During pregnancy..."Natural Help"

Apr 23, 2009 ... For me, the most difficult part of coming off anti-anxiety medication just before I became pregnant was trying to go to sleep at night (one ...

My Daughter Has a Very Big Anxiety Problem , Does Anyone Have Any Suggestions?

She is on medication, now and we pray a lot. Some days are so difficult, I wish I could .... I have anxiety also, and have ever since I was a young child. ...

Anyone Else with Anxiety Issues?

Medication alone isn't considered best practice in the treatment of anxiety. Zoloft isn't capable of curing your anxiety all by itself, no medication can. ...

Seeking Alternate Bi-polar Medication and Advice...

I have several clients who are Bipolar, on that medication and it works for them . Some of them also have another medication for either anxiety or depression ...

Seeking Help with Panic Attacks and Anxiety

I work in the psychiatric field and my first question would be who prescribed your anxiety medication? I would recommend that if it is not a psychiatrist ...

Son with Anxiety and ADHD Will Not Stay Asleep at Night. Good luck. .... anxiety medication · adhd children · children adhd · futon bunk bed ...
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