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Pregnant at 30 and I Can't Take My Paxil

Your doctor knows what medications are safe during pregnancy and can ... to go off of their antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication for various reasons. ...

Postpartum Anxiety

Aug 17, 2009 ... I began a regimen of anti depressant and anti anxiety medication. ... discomfort so I stopped the medication until the pregnancy was over. ...

Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

I had heard about Lucinda Bassett's "Attacking Anxiety and Depression" tapes. ... It actually got better when I was pregnant (I never took meds for it). ... and she said these tapes have really helped her along with her medication. ...

Need Info. on Anti-depressants and Pregnancy

Anyways, I'm a little nervous about taking the medication while pregnant. .... It also depends on your severity of depression...anxiety or what ever your ...

Has Anyone Had a D&C and Been Awake for It?

Apr 18, 2009 ... I was awake for the procedure, with the anti anxiety medication. ... Prior to my 3 successful pregnancies, I had 3 miscarriages (which we ...

Has Anyone Else Been on Prozac for Anxiety Related Issues?

I was on it from during my pregnancy to a few months after my delivery. ... It is a great anti anxiety medication and would recommend it to everyone. ...


It is my understanding that anti-depressents and anti-anxiety medication can be "addictive" in a sense. .... Antidepressant Use & Pregnancy? ...

Has Anyone Taken Celexa During Pregnancy Especially in the First Trimester?

Sep 5, 2009 ... My dr told me that the anxiety meds are fineI wasnt on the same one you are on the ... Next question Medication While Being Pregnant ...

Has Anyone Taken Klonopin for Anxiety?

Read all 6 responses: "I am dealing with anxiety for a few months now more on and off due to being ... Also, it's a very dangerous drug to take if you are pregnant or nursing. ... I would just learn how to deal with it, sans medication . ...

Anxiety Disorder

are there any other mothers out there w anxiety disorder .... situations but overall medication was the key When you feel a rush of anxiety coming on take ...
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