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Anxiety About Going to Sleep

I am on anxiety medication and although it may only help for 20 - 30 min, it's enough for me to relax and fall asleep. Another thing I do is lay in bed and ...

Severe Separation Anxiety

It will be a time for you to be together and it is a great anxiety reliver. There are some basic breaths you .... anxiety medication · separation anxiety ...

Separation Anxiety with 8 Yr Old

Read all 5 responses: "My youngest son seems to have separation anxiety only when ... I by no means think anyone should give children any type of medication ...

Any One Taking a Anti Anxiety Med?

I know my body, and I know I don't suffer from depression or anxiety, and I know that the symptoms going ..... anxiety medication · anxiety and depression ...

Extreme Social Anxiety in 4 Yr Old

I recommend picking up the book called Healing Anxiety and Depression by Doctors Daniel G. Amen and Lisa C ... anxiety medication · anxiety and depression ...

Has Anyone Taken Klonopin for Anxiety?

You say you have anxiety b/c your a full time mom.. I would just learn how to deal with it, sans medication. Really. I am not trying to be mean, ...

Anyone Suffer from Anxiety and Overwhelming Feelings of Dying

When I was younger anti-anxiety medications were not yet available or I would've started using them sooner. I use both medication and counseling. ...

The Right Medication

I have talked to many people who used to be on medications for depression, ... Anxiety Disorder/depression ... anxiety medication · depression medication ...

Anxiety Attack

One daughter had anxiety attacks and it turned out to be a reaction to an asthma medication. cold & sinus meds can do the same thing. ...

Anxiety in Pregnancy

Although it sounds like you have had to change meds several times, I'm wondering if you have ever combined your anxiety medication with an antidepressant. ...
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