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4 Yr Old Daughter Seems to Have Anxiety

Oct 20, 2009 ... Just for info purposes she is in school 4 half days. Do any of you have children so young that have anxiety issues and how do you help them? ...

Having Anxiety About Returning to Work!

And you have anxiety about it because you are a good mom and probably have anxiety about everything. You don't not feed your child because you are anxious ...

Separation Anxiety with 8 Yr Old

Read all 5 responses: "My youngest son seems to have separation anxiety only when ... I by no means think anyone should give children any type of medication ...

Extreme Separation Anxiety in 19-m.o. B/g Twins

I just wondered what some of you have done to help separation anxiety in toddlers. ... My children both (almost one and two-and-a-half) cry terribly when we ...

Separation Anxiety

As a Newborn Specialist, I can assure you that this is separation anxiety and that it is completely normal for a child of his age. Separation anxiety often ...

5 Yr Old with Separation Anxiety

My oldest child has had a lot of anxiety - and even at 8 it still occasionally pops up. We noticed with him - it was always during the transition when he ...

Separation Anxiety in 3 1/2 Year Old

separation anxiety in 2 answers "The mom explained the child was suffering from separation anxiety and so did the mom ..." ...

Seperation Anxiety!

My daughter tuned 2 Aug. 28 and is having HORRIBLE separation anxiety. I know lots of children go through this but she takes..."

Separation Anxiety??

Sep 22, 2009 ... I always thought separation anxiety was when you left your child with someone. I feel terrible if I just let him cry because he really gets ...

**Child Going Hysterical When Dropped off at Daycare**

When any of my children shun someone off or are become pensive around people I politely remove them and .... child care director · baby seperation anxiety ...
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  • normal developmental stages in 2 answers "... it be related to changes in her life (other than normal developmental stages ..."
  • follow your gut in 2 answers "that babies have. Follow your gut and trust your son this time, he's telling you ..."
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