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Extreme Anxiety - Please Help

Read all 20 responses: "Hi My son is almost 5 yrs old. He displayed none interactive behavior in his preschool. He spent most free play time in the ...

Separation Anxiety 7 Month Old

Read all 4 responses: "My 7 month old is really attached to me right now. This last week when my sister-in-law watched him for a few hours and he screamed ...

Poosh W/ Separation Anxiety

Read all 8 responses: "I have a 2yr old female Poodle/shihtzu. She's a great dog except she has issues when I leave the house.

Seperation Anxiety

Read all 7 responses: "my 3 year old has been so hard to deal with lately. she has been clinging to me just in the past few weeks. this is to be expected ...

Baby Have Strange Anxiety with Grandma.

Read all 14 responses: "My 6 months old baby every time that is close to my husband's mother cry and scream without stopping, her face gets red and she ...

Separation Anxiety in My 2 Year Old

Read all 5 responses: "Does anyone have advise on how to handle this? I'm a mommy of two boys, 6 and 2. My 2 year old Justice is going through horrible ...

Cat Has Anxiety and Peeing

Read all 6 responses: "I have a beautiful gray and white cat, she is 2 1/2, that hates my husband and will pee on anything that is his. I love my husband, ...

4 Yr Old Daughter Seems to Have Anxiety

Oct 20, 2009 ... Read all 10 responses: "My daughter is 4 and started pre-k in Sept at the same school she attended last year.

Sep Anxiety or Bad Daycare?

Read all 7 responses: "at one, my son is starting sep anxiety. He's also started a new daycare, granted its only a few hrs a week.


Read all 6 responses: "I have been having overwhelming anxiety this whole week. I had my Lexapro refilled and started that last night (went off it for about ...
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  • your mother in law in 4 answers "... your child to someone she clearly doesn't want to go to. Your mother in law ..."
  • make a big deal in 3 answers "I remember being taught to not make a big deal of it."
  • such a big deal in 2 answers "then, they don't associate your coming and going as such a big deal."
  • separation anxiety in 4 answers "I also had a dog with extreme separation anxiety."
  • then the next step in 2 answers "... etc) before you'll notice she would stop getting worked up. Then the next step ..."