antidepressants and pregnancy

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Has Anyone Used Wellbutrin XL While Pregnant And/or Nursing?

According to Dr. Hale, Wellbutrin XL is a pregnancy level B and lactational L3. The highest concentration was ... Anti-depressants and Pregnancy (Zoloft) ...

Need Advise on Getting Pregnant and Anti-depressants.

I believe that I was still taking anti-depressants when I was trying to get pregnant over 4 years ago. ... Need Info. on Anti-depressants and Pregnancy ...

Depressed, Recently Separated, Four Yr Old and pregnant...advice on Zoloft?

Some people are very sensitive to antidepressants. When I went on Zoloft and Lexapro after pregnancy, I had horrible stomach pains, feeling spacey, ...

Second Pregnancy, Suffering from Depression, Need Helpful Advice

Just an FYI: I have a friend who went through 3 pregnancies on antidepressants and all 3 babies were perfect. So, though it's generally avoided, ...

Pregnancy Mood swings...what to Do About It...

I know that one option is to have the doc put me on an antidepressant, ... My mood swings never went away after pregnancy:( Finally I found an essential oil ...

Pregnancy and Mental Health

Read all 10 responses: "I know that pregnancy is not a time for you to feel ... I am on antidepressants still and for a while i was wondering why and felt ...

Anyone Breastfed on Zoloft Before?

I took it through half of my pregnancy and all through the breastfeeding of my 2nd child. ..... breastmilk supply · antidepressants and pregnancy ...


I was pregnant and nursed on anti-depressants. My children are happy and smart.. .my doctor told me that a ... Need Info. on Anti-depressants and Pregnancy ...

Pregnant at 30 and I Can't Take My Paxil

Sep 8, 2009 ... My 2nd pregnancy they put me on Zoloft for the 1st trimester than let me go back on my .... Need Info. on Anti-depressants and Pregnancy ...

Breastfeeding on Antidpressants

I suffer from depression and therefore I was on anti depressants before I became pregnant and decided ... Anti-Depressants During Pregnancy And/or Nursing ...
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  • weigh the risks with the benefits in 2 answers "... extensively - most doctors feel you must weigh the risks with the benefits."
  • breast fed on zoloft in 2 answers "My best friend breast fed on Zoloft and I'm pleased to report both boys are happy ..."
  • get your heart rate in 2 answers "Exercise daily, make sure you get your heart rate up 30 mins a day."
  • no side effects in 3 answers "I had no side effects and neither did my baby."
  • started taking zoloft in 2 answers "I started taking Zoloft when I was pregnant and it made me feel really nauseous and ..."