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Breastfeeding on Antidpressants

I suffer from depression and therefore I was on anti depressants before I became pregnant and decided to continue them (at a lower dose) throughout my ...


All anti-depressants are not the same...different ones work for different .... Get on a different kind of antidepressant.The one your on is"nt working. ...

Do I Need to Take Depression Medication???

Anti-depressants can be helpful for situational depression or anxiety, which it sounds like you may have. I've heard that medication can be prescribed for a ...

Paxil and Pregnancy??

What I learned, though, was that generally the older the antidepressant (and ... I don't think it was wise for me to go without antidepressants for the ...

Preteen Taking Zoloft

General warnings about anti-depressants: You've probably heard the warnings about increased risk of suicide starting anti-depressants. ...

Prozac and Pregnancy

There has been some research lately about antidepressants taken during pregnancy . ... Out of all of the anti depressants, it was considered to be one of the ...

Disturbing Postpartum Dreams

First, there's nothing wrong with anti-depressants but do not take Prozac. ..... I would talk to your gyno about antidepressants or it could get worse. ...

3 Different Medical Questions

1. anybody else experiencing orgasmic trouble on antidepressants found a way ... 1. it is common to experience decreased libido when taking antidepressants. ...

Zoloft Info. Request Again.

I haven't taken Zoloft, but have taken other antidepressants. ... My doctor had explained to me that antidepressants don't make you feel better, ...

Lexapro, Endometriosis and Pregnancy

I have tried many different antidepressants and Lexapro is the only one that works for me. I am considering trying..."
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