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Curious About Odor from Ear --- Ear Infection??

Also consider putting her on probiotics as she has been on antibiotics. M. ... Put rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. Then leave the cotton swab in the ear ...

Need a Home Remedy..

The antibiotic shouldn't cost much, at least my vet is pretty reasonable. ... You should NEVER use alcohol, peroxide or both, I use all environmentally ...

Possibly IBS? Beginning May Be TMI for Some Readers

Jul 9, 2009 ... The treatment is a NUTS routine of like 2 or 3 antibiotics and an .... IS A BIG KILLER and alcohol are three really bad things for ibs so if ...

Bacterial Vaginosis During Pregnancy

Did you take antibiotics for it or did it clear up by itself? ... Make sure it's a water-based lubricant with no alcohol, sugar or yeast in it (glycerin and ...

Question Regarding Toddler Boy Having a Yeast Infection

My daughter often gets a yeast rash after having been on antibiotics. We just use the over the ... It could be the alcohol in the cream causing the burning. ...

2 Year Old Has MRSA

The first one was diagnosed as an antibiotic resistant staph infection. ... frequently with soap and warm water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, ...

4 Year Old Constantly Having Yeast Infections.

Then how often has she been on antibiotics? and third is there a family .... Yeast feeds on anything sweet including alcohol and dairy, so I wouldn't add ...

Female Health

eat some yougart for a week and not try not to take any antibiotics get .... When he cut back on his beer and they had sex with him having no alcohol in his ...

Toddler Has Fluid in Ear - Need to Do Anything?

I also heard that a few drops of alcohol or hydrogen pyroxide can work but I don 't know ... So the boys had to share the antibiotics as per the dr.s orders. ...

Urinary Infections

... foods that have high acid content, lots of spices , alcohol and so forth. ... After about a year I stopped taking the antibiotics and the problem was ...
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