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Anyone Experience Anxiety Attacks/depression During Pegnancy

I wasn't wanting to use medication during pregnancy, but I figured it was worse for the baby .... Anti-Depressants/ Anti-Anxiety Meds While Breastfeeding ...

Postpartum Anxiety

Aug 17, 2009 ... I began a regimen of anti depressant and anti anxiety medication. I felt so angry and pissed off, a mental illness are you kidding me, ...

Seeking the Right Prescription

Read all 8 responses: "Is anyone on an antidepressant or anti anxiety medicine that they ... Will I go back to the behaviors I had before the medication? ...

Zoloft and Pregnancy

I would suggest talking to your doctor more in depth, but Zoloft is actually supposed to be the ONLY antidepressant/anti-anxiety medication that doesn't ...

Depression and Anxiety

I think some of the Anxiety and Depression stems from post pardem depression, .... depression medication · anti anxiety · natural anxiety · help anxiety ...

Need Info. on Anti-depressants and Pregnancy

They have helped me tremendously. I prefer not to take medication if I don't have to. But I didn't..." ... anti anxiety · bladder infection and pregnancy ...

Anxiety Attack

Check that out before accepting anxiety medication. All my best, .... My doctor put me on a very mild anti-depresant and it REALLY helped. ...

I Am a Child of God!

Oct 27, 2009 ... There are several antidepresents and there are some anti-anxiety medication. I encourage you to mention what you can with your doctor. ...

Tired and Frustrated......

Most doctors will prescribe an anti-anxiety medication even when they recommend counseling. It sounds to me that you have panic attacks even without all ...

Recomendations on Anti Depressant

Perhaps you don't need an anti-depressant but a counselor to talk to? It seems like everyone is ..... anti anxiety medication · natural hormone replacement ...
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  • there were no side effects in 2 answers "My ob said there were no side effects that could affect your pregnancy - he also told ..."
  • post partum anxiety in 3 answers "I had very severe post-partum anxiety with my first son."
  • having a heart attack in 4 answers "I thought one night I was having a heart attack...tightening in the chest, shaking ..."
  • your actions and decisions in 2 answers "... know you can't control what he does but you can control your actions & decisions."
  • outweighed the risks in 2 answers "... thought that the benefit of me being on it definitely outweighed the risks ..."