anterior placenta complication

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Anterior Placenta

J.R. asks from New York

At my 20 week ultrasound, I found out I have an anterior placenta instead of a posterior one. My midwife made it sound normal, saying that the placenta attaches where...


VERY Anxious About Not Feeling the Baby Move....

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

Everyone has been so helpful..thanks in advance for answering this one... I am over 17 weeks pregnant on my third pregnancy. With my first I started feeling moveme...


Amniocentesis Test

M.H. asks from Los Angeles

I would like to know if any of you have taken the above test? I am about 19 wks pregnant and I will be 36 in October. The AFP screening test came back positive and my...


Ultrasound with Amniocentesis

A. asks from Philadelphia

Has anyone had this test completed before. I was just informed that I was a slight risk (1 of 178) for my baby to have down syndrome and in order to be sure, I would ...

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