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Procardia - for Preterm Labor

E.B. asks from Miami

On my last post i wrote that i was on bedrest due to contractions. Even though some of the moms were a little harsh about me having my older boys birthday party i co...


Running Track in 38 Degree Weather?

J.M. asks from Jacksonville

I am fortunate to live in FL where it doesn't get real cold. Today I get a call from school clinic at 10:30 saying my son came in from running the track outside & w...


18-Month Old with Really Sore Throat!

A.H. asks from New York

My 18mo son has had a really sore throat for the past two days - no coughing, just can't really talk - almost like laryngytis. Worse in the morning, then gets progre...


Does/did Anyone Have a Hiatal Hernia

K.R. asks from Syracuse

Wondering if anyone had/have a hiatal hernia. I found out through a endoscopy that i have a small one and wondering if that is what my problem is. It feels really tig...


Anyone Ever Pull a Muscle in Their Chest?

A.K. asks from Bloomington

I pulled a muscle in my chest about a month ago, working out. I did go to tne Chiro yesterday & he treated the area. He said the chest muscles take quite a while to h...


I Need Help!

A.C. asks from Buffalo

what causes you to have chest pains to where it feels like your heart is gonna jump out of your chest, shortness of breath , its really hard to breath every time i ta...


Takardia, Pregnant and in My Late 30'S. What Concern Is This?

D.G. asks from Phoenix

I was diagnosed with Takardia when I was a child. I haven't had any episodes since grade school except with the {occational} flutter a few times since & only when ov...


My 4 Year Old Had to Go to the DR Today Because She Had Fever/sore Throat?

A.R. asks from Chattanooga

But she is still able to eat somewhat? Also, the strep test came back negative but he said we had to wait until the culture test came back because sometimes the strep...


What Would You Do

D.F. asks from State College

What my question is I have been dealing with endometriosis for a good while now. I had surgery for sterilization(fixed is my words)that I cant have no more children ...


Need Advice About My Son's Abscessed Tooth!

J.S. asks from Seattle

My six year old bumped his front tooth at the age of two and in result it died. A few times a month since I have checked it for abscess. Well a good four years late...

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  • cross country team in 3 answers "I used to be on the cross country team for track, in high school."
  • lay on your left side in 2 answers "... but remember there are risks to the preterm labor too. Lay on your left side ..."
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  • go see another doctor in 2 answers "... have more problems and depression like your having now. go see another doctor."
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