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What Is the Matter with Me.

Dec 18, 2009 ... It may be contributing to not sleeping well, and if it's resulting in any hyperactivity in you, that can't be helping your anger issues. ...

Sisters Fighting

My 2 girls ages 6 and 2 can be the sweetest little girls in the world... when they arnt together. my 6 year old does have some anger issues but latley the 2 ...

Punishment for a 5 Year Old

Does he have acceptable ways of expressing his anger? There are lots of books to help ..... 6 Year Old with Anger Issues ... 3Yr Old Boy with Anger Issues ...

Proper Punishment for 10-Year Old Boy

It sounds like your stepson has anger issues that need to be addressed. Get him into an anger management course or therapy or something. ...

My 8 Year Old Daughter Is Having Tantrums Still.

Anger issues are often related to this. Two, what kind of consequences does she get when this occurs? She needs to see the drawback of "loosing it". ...

Getting 6 Year Old to Focus on a Task

His anger issues went away also. It was unbelieveable. We also put him on fish oil, as it helps calm the brain and mood swings. Good luck! ...

Seeking Help on How to Discipline 11 Year Old Boy Geting in Trouble at School

No matter how wonderful everything seems in your family, and how close he is to his stepfather, we must EXPECT anger issues in any divorce and re-marriage ...

Step Daughter

I think it sounds like your daughter has anger issues with no place to vent. My youngest son had a cutting problem in high school. After much counseling ...

Is This Normal Behavior for a 3 Year Old? HELP!

I swear my child has anger issues! When he gets mad he can't control his anger well and we have to remove him from situations but is doing better as he gets ...

How to Choose a Couple's Counselor?!

Hope things are better for you guys and that your husband has gotten help with his anger issues. To find a marriage therapist, it is best to start with what ...
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