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My Daughter and I Have Been Searching for Her Bio Father for 30 Years Through An

J.L. asks from Philadelphia She wrote a message to her aunt about three months ago and still no word on how this woman should go about having two of her brothers tested for DNA. An...


Family Tree -- Website Recommendations

K.P. asks from Chicago

Moms, About 20 years ago, a great uncle of mine did some serious investiging into our family history. He put his findings in a bound book that details includes ph...


Family Tree...Where to Begin...

J.U. asks from Washington DC

I know nothing about my fathers side of the family and I have such a strong desire to find out information about them before the time comes when my father is no longe...


Favorite Geneaology Site?

S.D. asks from Indianapolis

My mother has asked me to investigate her family ancestry. She's in her 70s and not computer-friendly, so it falls to me! I certainly don't mind since it's my ancest...


What's the Best Way to Make a Family Tree?

S.O. asks from Billings

What's the best way to make a family tree for my child (and for us)? Is there a website out there, or software that's very simple and visually pleasing? Maybe somethi...


Family Tree

S.B. asks from Tampa

I would like to create a family tree but i am not sure where to start, if anyone could help i would be so greatful. The best part is that my daughter wants to help me...


Do You Know Her? (Sorry, I Have Found the Few Details I Had Were Not Correct)

L.M. asks from Philadelphia

Ladies, I need your help. I am trying to locate a lady whose maiden name is/was Cathy Thorpe, she is now married but I don't know the last name. I don't know if it ...


Advice for Family History/trees

A.G. asks from Indianapolis

I am seeking advice from anyone who has recent knowledge researching their family history/tree. There are so many websites now, & I'm unsure how to approach it. Doe...


Finding Biological Parent(s)

L. asks from Mobile

Hi All, Do you have any advice for finding biological parents? Is it best to hire a lawyer? A private investigator? How do you know who's good? I can give more...


~My Hubby Wants to Find Is Bio Father's Family~

J. asks from Dallas

~My hubby wants to find is bio father's family ~ His mother and father split when he was a young child, He knows of a half brother out there. He does know the fath...

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  • your local library in 2 answers "I would recommend that you start with your local library and genealogy society and ..."
  • dna test in 3 answers "Why would there need to be a DNA test of two brothers?"
  • our family history in 2 answers "My dad has been researching our family history for years and has gotten back to the ..."
  • other family members in 2 answers "I suggest you getting other family members involved, the more information you collect ..."
  • ancestry in 6 answers "Rootsweb is a site that can be helpful. Ancestry."