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Need Help with 2Yr Old Sleep Issues

I actually had a hair analysis done for my son (sounds strange to some who ... ( I don't have any vested interests in hair-analysis or anything like that ...


With vaccines, we are all in a position where we have to perform a "cost/benefit " analysis. From the massive amounts of research and conversations I have ...

Were Their Answers Why You Miscarried?

After the D&C, they did more genetic screenings and analysis, and everything was normal. It was a total mystery until about 4 months ago, when I went for a ...

Blood Test Results Came in Dr. Needs to See Me Right Away!

... I had slight anemia (for which she Rx FeSulfate & Ca) and hiv screening was reactive so they did a more thorough analysis came out negative. ...

Difference Between PDD-NOS and Autism?

The lingo you will hear is he needs a FBA Functional Behavioral Assessment and based on that, an ABA Applied Behavioral Analysis. Check out some of these ...

Going Back to School

Before choosing what you want to go into try doing a search online for a career analysis website to find out what career field best suits you. ...

Grocery Coupons

I shop for coupon bargains on Ebay as well but you must do a cost analysis to ensure that in the end, you will actually be saving money. ...

Any Advice for Starting a Children's Boutique?

If finance is something you are good at, do a cost-analysis on how much product you will sell at a given month, and what your costs (utilities, rent, ...

Dizziness with PMS

Oh, I forgot to mention that my chiroprator does hair analysis and saliva testing also to messure different things, ie hormones, thyroid, etc. ...

How to Fight the Fatigue of Anemia, and What Are the Best Multi-vitamins!

It is very simple, yet very helpful nutritional analysis. ... My sister who is a health professional recommended the analysis to me and I've never felt ...
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  • pervasive developmental disorder in 3 answers "... but I some schooling in psychology and PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder ..."
  • applied behavioral analysis in 2 answers "... include speech, occupational therapy, and ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis ..."
  • pdd nos diagnosis in 2 answers "... language delay, it is odd that the pediatrician would use the PDD-NOS diagnosis."
  • autism spectrum disorder in 2 answers "Hi there, My son also has the diagnosis of PDD-NOS, Autism Spectrum Disorder."
  • low blood sugar in 3 answers "I would contact her DR, I have both very very low iron and low blood sugar, when I ..."