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Mother of Young Teen Wants Birth Control, Needs Support and Advice

You could use the analogy of a rose being passed around from young man to young man, & she is the rose. By the time the rose has been passed around to all ...

2 Year Old Is Taking off Diaper and Pajamas for Attention?

One analogy my mom (very successful mother of 11) gave me about this was something like: If you felt you weren't getting enough attention from your husband ...

Santa Clause

But I'm certain that we'll reference God in some analogy... perhaps that Santa represents God and the gifts that Santa brings us represents all the ...

How Do I Stop My Toddler from Throwing Food on the Floor During Mealtime?

Excuse my analogy, but animals will never understand more than a few words, so other means of discipline are necessary like a slap on the nose or a crack of ...

7 Year Old Talking About Sex!?!

Make the driving a car analogy - bodies just aren't grown up enough when they are 7. Hope this helps! 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

Dealing with My Child's Teacher

When you have a square peg (just an analogy, meaning a child is different), it just doesn't fit their round holes and makes it harder for the teacher to do ...

3Yr Old Son Has Costipation Alot

Sorry for the crude analogy! I put it in the Go Diego Go Gogurt. It is small and just give it a shake. My son loves the gogurt and will finish it every time ...

Thoughts on Teens Dating

Here's an analogy for you to consider: when I am on a diet, ALL I can think about is chocolate and ice cream. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

Premature=Developmental Delays??????????????

One of my friend's children has some special issues and as she was adjusting to how her life WAS, rather than how she imagined it- she used the analogy of ...

7-Year-old Keeps Saying He Hates His Brother -- Is This Normal?

Dec 23, 2009 ... It's an absurd analogy to us, but really that is how children feel when a new sibling joins the family. There is really only one effective ...
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  • grown up enough to have sex in 2 answers "... then she needs to buy them herself, if she feels grown-up enough to have sex ..."
  • giving her permission to have sex in 3 answers "Giving her protection is not giving her permission to have sex but is is the responsible ..."
  • betray your trust in 2 answers "... that you are and let her know that as long as she does not betray your trust ..."
  • spirit of santa lives in 2 answers "He asked me outright the other day and I told him that the spirit of Santa lives in ..."
  • lines of communication open in 2 answers "... she is honest with you, and that she is keeping the lines of communication open!"