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Baptism Brunch Ideas

I must admit that you are very ambitious to do all that in one day, but I am often found in the same position hosting for a house full and cooking ...

Recipes for a Busy Life....

If I am feeling ambitious I may also make a vegetable (usually a frozen bag - cooked in the microwave) as well. Depending on the sausage you use, ...

Wanting to Work from Home.....

If I want to be ambitious I can encourage people to become consultants under my direction, but I don't need them to make money, and I can just manage myself ...

Seeking Ideas for a 13 Yr Old Boy B-day Party

Feeling really ambitious? Take a group of boys camping. Afraid of rain? Take them to Bastrop State park (or park in your part of Texas) and rent a cabin. ...

Need Thanksgiving Day Advice

If she complains you could tell her you want to try your hand at these things, or are just feeling extra ambitious. Hope this helps,. Nancy. Helpful? ...

Food Choices for 9 Month Old Without Teeth :)

It really depends on how frieked out you are by gagging and how ambitious your son will be about trying stuff. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ...

First Trip Out of the House?

Nov 30, 2009 ... Ambitious but get rest while she does, breastfeed always stay hydrated meaning drink a bottle of water after each feeding (I kept bottles ...

My Baby Fell down the Stairs!!!

BTW, I myself fell down a concrete flight of stairs when I was 8 months old, over-ambitious and tried to climb down stairs by myself. ...

How to Get the "Stink" Out of Cloth Diapers?

If I am feeling VERY ambitious, I have hung them out on the line, and putting them in the sun should decrease odor, but you are a better woman than I for ...

Husband Won't Get a Job

I married this man knowing he wasn't very ambitious. He does work very hard, just no desire to move up or out of where he is. And that's his choice. ...
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  • salt and pepper to taste in 3 answers "Pimento Salt and Pepper to taste Mix soups, milk, sour cream and hashbrowns."
  • tea tree oil in 6 answers "I prewashed/soaked with cold water and baking soda and a little tea tree oil."
  • onion soup mix in 2 answers "... pot and put in a pot roast (not frozen is best), a package of onion soup mix ..."
  • there was nothing i could do to reach in 2 answers "... him down so I saw the whole thing but there was nothing I could do to reach ..."