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ADHD And Medication???

He just has not been able to regain his confidence & now, he has no ambition or desire for more of what he has come to associate with pain in his heart over ...

HELP With the In-laws!

You should be commended for your ambition to succeed. .... Do it while you are young enough and still have the ambition, desire, and drive to do it! ...

Work from Home

This is the perfect opportunity to succeed with your own rate of ambition and efforts. Your definition of success is your choice… ...

Stay at Home or Work Outside of Home

Should I Stay (Home) or Should I Go (Back to Work)? 18 · Ambition and Motherhood · 7 · Wondering How Other Stay at Home Mothers Came to Their Decision ...

SAHM Needs Support- Please Read!

My dreams and ambitions will just have to wait. I know there are women out there who can juggle it all, ..... Next question: Can a Sahm Have Ambition? ...

Stay-at-Home Mother or Working Mother

Ambition and Motherhood · 7 · Really Stressed! Are There Any Moms Out There That Work Full time?I Need Advice! 14. Report This. Comments: (optional). Share ...

Seeking Ideas in How to Tell Family I Am Leaving My Boyfriend

I can bet that they already know what their son is like with no goals or ambition.because if it were there you would not be living with them this long. ...

Need Advice with MAJOR MIL Issue

I had mentioned my FIL and his new wife because i admire them for their ambition and hard work!! My father in law has suffered a heart attack in the past ...

Can This Really Work?

He has high ambitions and a strong pull to be a family man, and he is working those out ..... So believe it or not, differences in dreams/ambition can work! ...

Seeking Moms Who Have Dealt with This Before

A. - You sound like you have a TON to offer a man with your ambition to be working and attending school. Congratulations to you for doing this. ...
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  • kick his butt to the curb in 2 answers "... he will play nice to keep what he has going on) and kick his butt to the curb."
  • can achieve your dreams in 2 answers "You both can achieve your dreams if you get on the same page and work together."
  • file a paternity suit in 2 answers "A., as someone said, it would be good to file a paternity suit if you could."
  • financial peace university in 3 answers "There are also financial classes (Financial Peace University) that would help you ..."
  • kick him to the curb in 4 answers "i know you love this man but you need to kick him to the curb and get your child ..."