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19 Week Old Teething?

There is a homeopathic remedy for teething that works awesome, it's called Chamomilla. My son received an amber teething necklace as a gift and it seemed to ...

Teething 9-Month-Old

My daughter also wears an amber teething necklace most of the time and we have had very few issues with teething pain. You can buy them online at Inspired ...

Teething Baby Biting During Nursing!

4. GEt dd an amber teething necklace (check online and ebay). 5. Give dd Hyland's teething tablets 30min. or so before nursing her. ...

How Often Can I Give Tylenol When Teething?

Read all 33 responses: "Max is teething, I'm pretty sure it's his two top front. ... an amber teething necklaces. hopefully it will be over soon, good luck. ...

Teething Relief

my sister-in-law was from germany and she used to have her son wear an amber necklace...yes, the yellow stone! he started teething early, around four months ...

Need Advice on Ears, Allergies and Teething

For teething, a much more natural approach is to have her wear an amber necklace . It has to be actual baltic amber, not just amber colored beads. ...


If you do think it's teething there is a teething Amber necklace that some swear by. Also, be careful of some homeopathic tablets. They contain caffiene. ...

Safe Teethers

But when my baby is teething I freeze fresh fruit (like cantalaupe, peaches, ... look into amber teething necklaces as well. the babies don't chew on them; ...

Rash Around Mouth That Looks like Impetigo but Isn't

For drooling, a Baltic Amber teething necklace will help decrease her drooling as well as provide natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory relief. ...

Crib as Teether

I'm not sure how to get him to stop chewing on his crib rail, but I would recommend getting him an amber teething necklace. You can find them online. ...
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