am i having twins

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Moms Who Have Been Pregnant with Twins

Read all 8 responses: "I am almost 28 weeks pregnant with my first set of twins. I was just wondering if anyone else felt really drained and out of breath ...

More Twins

I guess due to maternal age - over 34 and the fact that I am carrying twins sets me up for a "high risk" pregnancy - I also have an IUD in place. ...

Seeking Advice on Moms of Twins Groups

I am a mom to 2.5 year old boy/girl twins. I have looked into joining a twins group. .... I just found out I am having twins. I am so totally overwhelmed. ...

Pregnant with Twins!!!

I am also a twin. You are in for some really great times and some very tiring times but they are so worth it!! there is nothing like having twins it is just ...

Seeking Advice for Hard to Get to Sleep Twins

We have boy and girl twins who are 31 mos old and a 6 year old boy. When it is time for bed the. ... am i having twins · how much sleep should a toddler get ...

Shower Gift Ideas for Twins?

I have no advise for you but am very interested in your question because my daughter is expecting twins in Nov. However, we don't believe she will be ...

Monitor for Multiple Rooms

Can anyone recommend a monitor that can cover 23 rooms using a few different bases and 12 receivers I have twins and am expecting in April but would like to ...

Tandem Double Stroller Advice (Under $200)

Read all 5 responses: "Hi Moms, I have 9 month old twins & I am looking for a double stroller. I am thinking about the Combi Counterpart Tandem Stroller.

Stroller for Twins

A.M. answers from Pueblo on January 3, 2008. Hi! I have twins and a 2 year old, so it was hard for me to find a stroller to fit all of them. ...

Seeking a Recommendation for a OB-GYN for High Risk Twins

I am looking for a OB-GYN as I have not picked one in the area. ... i had my twins at ENH - the high risk group (I was over 40). I delivered with MacGregor. ...
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