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Seeking Advice on Alternative Therapies for Reflux Baby

Read all 9 responses: "Our 4 month old daughter has severe acid reflux and is very uncomfortable during the day unless she is being held and her sleep is ...

Constant Ear Infection Even W/ Tubes

The pediatrician we use is very into natural remedies, alternative therapies, etc., and even he put her on antibiotics because the infection was so bad. ...

Diaper Rash Remedies

Read all 54 responses: "Does anyone have any good diaper rash remedies? ... I would suggest going to an alternative doctor that is the only place we found ...

Remedies for Infant Congestion

So I'm left with food and herbal remedies for a baby who's never eaten food or ... Just because it is called medicine doesn't mean it isn't alternative. ...

Dealing with Depression While Pregnant

When I became pregnant, I decided to go to a naturopath/homeopath to see if there might be some alternative remedies that could help. It was really helpful. ...

Alternative Methods for Clearing for Sinus Swelling

Alternative Methods for Clearing for Sinus Swelling ... I started using Homeopathic remedies about 5 years ago and haven't had an infection since. ...

Seeking Alternative ADHD Treatment

Seeking Alternative ADHD Treatment. Hi I have tried 7 different types of ADHD medications with 3 combos with Clonodine Zoloft and Risperidal I am looking ...

Alternative Medicine Cost So Much for Me. I Would like to Use Them

Read all 14 responses: "I have a kid with ADHD, I don't want the drugs, Alternative Medicine is expensive. What can I do."

Awful Cough

Eastern medicine, alternative medicine, old fashioned remedies, AND modern western medicine can all work beautifully together when we empower ourselves ...


Read all 18 responses: "any home remedies instead of surgical removal? my son ... Check into alternative treatments and medications, hopefully they will be ...
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