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Allergy Medicine for a 5 Year Old Boy

Allergy Medicine for a 5 Year Old Boy. I have heard that you should give ... This year we are trying a natural alternative, myself included: Nettle Tea ...

Seeking Holistic Pediatrician

His name is Dr. David Brown and owns the North Dallas Alternative Medicine Center. His phone number is ###-###-####. Best wishes! 1 mom found this helpful ...

Alternative Medicines in Northern Suburbs

This is a topic I am highly passionate about as my mom has pains as a result of a medicine she took, and also have an interest in alternative medicine. ...

Seeking Alternative Diagnosis for Cradle Cap

I think the alternative medicine is a great safe way of treatment. ... Hope thsi helps, I really have no knowledge in alternative medicine so i am not sure ...

Seeking Opinions About Pediatrician and MD

I wouldn't recommend the practice to someone who wasn't open to alternative medicine, but it sounds like you might be a great fit. ...

Seeking Primary Physician Having Alternative Medical Training i.e. Naturopath,

I am currently looking for a primary physician who is also trained in alternative medicine. I would like a practicioner that can provide a more holistic ...

Post Nasal Drip

Have you tried alternative medicine?? It makes wonders!!! They work at a slow pace but as you know they work inside out. This will make his immune system ...

Anyone Tried Both Mainstream and Alternative Allergy Testing?

We've been the western medical route and the alternative route--I wouldn't go back to western medicine unless forced. My son was so allergic that he was ...

Seeking Alternative Treatment of Acid Relfux Disease

Nutrition and supplements along with some EFT or any other form of alternative medicine will be very healing for you. Feel free to reply back if you would ...

Singulair Made My Son Crazy... What Is the Alternative?

While on the medicine, he would have these "fits of rage," where he .... The doctor there is Dr. Connie Danner and she is an alternative natural doctor. ...
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