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Getting a Child Used to Allergy Shots

Read all 8 responses: "Our 6 yr old, after months of counseling, medication, and numerous doctors, has been acknowledged to suffer from a multitude of ...

Sudden Allergy???

My son suddenly developed allergies to just about everything at the age of 6 & had to start taking allergy shots. Since then I have had to change alot of ...

Extremely Dry Eyes/Allergies

The allergy shot sounds great. I didn't know you could get just one shot and have it last for a while. The only allergy shots I've heard of are the ones you ...

Allergy Help for 4 Yr Old

My husband stopped taking his allergy medicine after two weeks, and stopped getting his allergy shots (that he had to once a week) after drinking the juice ...


You definitely need to see an allergist and consider getting the allergy shots. Another thing to consider is the NAET approach for allergy elimination. ...

Seeking Advice on Son's Allergies

He is only 2 and is on meds and allergy shots once a week. I too take allergy shots once a week. So enough with the background... As far as the bed goes if ...

How to treat allergy rash on infant?

You may be interested in exploring NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques). ... bumpy forehead · food allergies asthma · allergy shots ...

Seasonal Allergy Relief Needed!!!

I've done everything from weekly allergy shots to prescription medications (most of which have negative side effects) and over the counter allergy remedies. ...

Egg Allergy

Or perhaps it's beneficial, like the positive innoculation of allergy shots. No straight answer yet. Anybody else with egg-allergic kids? ...

Cat Allergy Medication for Kids

I started getting allergy shots and after a couple of years was cured. ... Allergy shots are made up of the ingrediants you are allergic to, so you slowly ...
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