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Milk Allergy

J.S. asks from St. Louis

My son was recently diagnosed with a milk allergy. I'm looking for advice on how to shop for him. I have a list of food names to avoid, but it's all so confusing. D...


Wheat Allergy

S.S. asks from Sioux Falls

My 1 1/2 yr old was just diagnosed with a wheat allergy. Does anyone have any suggestions for beginning a gluten/wheat free diet, and some good websites to visit for...


Allergy Testing

D.L. asks from Roanoke

hi moms. My daughter always had food allergies (mostly skin rash ) which was not terrible and I always could control it . I never did any allergy testing since I beli...


Allergy to Vinegar???

R.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, Was wondering if anybody else has an allergy to vinegar. I think I have an allergy to it but am not sure if there is some other allergy that might link c...


Excema = Allergy?

E. asks from Detroit

Does Excema ALWAYS mean there is an allergy? My son is 6 months old and has had bad excema since about 2 months. Under my ped's advice, I use Cortisone and Aquaphor, ...


Peanut Allergy

N.G. asks from Chicago

My 4 year old daughter was just diagnosed with a peanut allergy, amongst other things. Any advice from you moms with kids in the same situation?


Peanut Allergy???

L.S. asks from St. Louis

My son just started kindergarten, there is a child in his class with a peanut allergy and I am not sure on what snack to send for his snack day. They sent a note ho...


Wheat Allergy?

T.C. asks from Provo

I have a 9 month old breastfed baby that is very constipated and has been for a couple months now and when he does go, it smells just AWFUL. I'm thinking he might ha...


Possible Food Allergy?

D.S. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 13 month old son that is a great eater, but occasionally throws up. It's always during a meal or after a meal, and sporadic. For example, last night I sat ...


Milk Allergy

L.W. asks from Chicago

My 3.5 year old son seems to have a milk allergy. The doctor recommended no dairy and substituting almond milk or rice milk. Does anyone have experience with these ...

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