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Food Allergy Symptoms

A.M. asks from Austin

Hi, mamas! I've gotten some good stuff from you ladies before, and I'm really hoping you can shed some light on my current issue. My (exclusively breastmilk-fed) ...


Food Allergy Doctor

T.M. asks from Minneapolis

Hi- I am looking for a referral for a good "food allergy" doctor/allergist. My son has dairy and egg allergies. He was diagnosed at 5 months and I went on a food eli...


Food Allergy Question

J.H. asks from Boston

I have read a lot about food allergies on this site, and so I know that there are some well-informed and experienced moms out there who might be able to help me. My ...


Parents Who's Child Has a Food Allergy

L.J. asks from New Orleans

My daughter was sent to a allergist to been seen for having headaches. They did a food allergy test and some other basic test since headaches are caused more from fo...


Red Food Dye Allergy?

K.B. asks from Cincinnati

My son often has a rash on the side of his face. We notice it to be there most commonly when we give him his decongestant (sudefed liquid or pill). He has a lot of al...


Food Allergy Presentation at School

S.Q. asks from Chicago

I am going to give an allergy presentation at a school next week, focusing on food allergies in the classroom/school. If you were new to a school (or a returning ...


Unknown Food Allergy

B.J. asks from Abilene

My daughter is 3 years old and had developed hives and welps all over her torso, arms, legs and behind when she woke up yesterday morning. We immediately went to the ...


Food Allergy Questions

C.E. asks from Detroit

My 6mos. old son has a 'rash' (best way to describe it) on his back and belly we believe is attributed to a food allergy/reaction. He gets red splotches iwth little ...


IgG Food Allergy Test

C.T. asks from San Diego

Hi Moms, Wondering if anyone knows anything about the IgG food allergy test? Our 2 year old is allergic to peanuts and fish so we decided to get him tested to see w...


What Exactly Are the Signs of a Food Allergy?

K.S. asks from Cleveland

My son hasn't shown any signs of an allergy, but what should I be looking for? I've been very slow at introducing foods to him, he's 8 1/2 months and eats cereal(ric...

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  • start keeping a food journal in 2 answers "I would start keeping a food journal. Include activities that occur prior to each ..."
  • epi pen in 5 answers "If she has been prescribed an Epi Pen, you'll need that and the note for the nurse."
  • broke out in hives in 3 answers "When my son was 18 months, he broke out in hives and welts."
  • milk protein allergy in 2 answers "In fact, my baby had a milk protein allergy AND reflux."
  • could be the apple juice in 2 answers "... help you to eliminate what ever is bothering her. It could be the apple juice."