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Anyone Know?

Turns out he was allergic to alot of different common allergens, mold, dust, and a few others. They also make a singulair granules for children as young as ...

Food Allergy Questions

Apparently I had also developed an allergy to cats, dust, and cigarette smoke, but lost the allergy to bees & wasps. I would suggest that you get not only ...

Can a 5 1/2 Month Old Have Allergies?

Some well-known causes of allergy are: scents in laundry detergents and bath soaps; dust; mold; pollen; pollution (from cars, etc. but also from cigarette ...

Need Some Home Remedy for Itchy, Watery and Red Eyes

I have allergy to dust and it often causes runny nose, but the itchy eyes is new thing. Please help me. Any OTC drops, home remedies to sooth my eyes, ...

Allergy Shots???

My 4 year old daughter was tested for allergies today and discovered that she is allergic to a multiple of things, from types of grass, house dust to ...

Allergy Relief for Kids

My daughter has a dust mite allergy and you need to stay on top of that in your home by regular sheet changing, carpet cleaning, etc. No carpets are best. ...

Pregnant with Bad Allergies

I have pretty severe allergies (dust 1 and 2, pollen, mold and cats). I was on Claritin D 24 2x a day and was also on a nasal steroid. ...


Having your husband dust will be a great help as well. This wold stir up all dust and dander and make my allergies worse. I have found being around ...

Looking for Hay Fever/Seasonal Allergy Relief That Is Safe for Pregnancy!

I find overnight A/C is the best way to avoid pollen and dust related allergies. Make sure you drink tons of water during the day. Before you go to sleep, ...

Orapred ODT / Steroid for "Asthma"

Mine kids both have alot of allergies though (trees, grass, animals, dust, etc.) so spring is inevitably a rough time. In the winter months they do the ...
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