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What Could Be Causing Allergies in Central Oregon Now?

We dont have cats (i am allergic) or dogs, and nothing else has changed in our household that could be causing it. Just lots of sneezing, which she finds ...

Toddler with Allergies - I Need Some Suggestions!

People are actually allergic to dog saliva - not dog hair. ... I don't know if it works with dogs or not, but I have an allergy to cats and my children ...


I did them for a year when I was about 12 yrs old and completely got rid of my allergy to the years since (I am now 31) I have picked up some new ...

Pets and Allergies

Read all 22 responses: "My 10 year old son has asked for a hamster over the past few years and I've told him we can't have one because of our allergies.

6 Year Old Diagnosed with Asthma/allergies

By the way, I have 19 allergies. The most severe is dust mites and cats, mild allergy to dogs. I have 3 dogs and there is no way I will ever part from my ...

How to find low cost veterinarian care in Naugatuck, CT?

First, does your dog lick or chew at their feet alot. It sounds like allergies. Dogs with allergies tend to get a lot of ear infections. ...

Peanut Allergy

Surprisingly, my 13 year old was recently diagnosed with an allergy to cats, dogs 'kentucky blue grass' and some other type of grass. ...

How to Tell If a Child Is Allergic to Cats?

Apr 23, 2009 ... Most people I know with cat/dog allergies sneeze, itch, have watery eyes, scratchy throat...Also, right now the tree pollen count in Puget ...

Early Allergies

I'm still waiting on the food and dust mite results but we did find out that he is allergic to cats and dogs his doctor said he wasn't allergic enough to ...

Gunky Cough

For some reason, cat allergies are usually more severe than allergies to dogs. It can take dog dander up to six months to be eliminated from the house once ...
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