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What to Do with a Pet That Has Passed Way

I was very sorry to see the cat die, but there was an upside to it, my son and i are horribly allergic to cats ( grandma had her before we moved in)and im ...

Allergy Free Dog

She's had her for 4 years and has not felt one twince of allergy. Of course, every dog is different, just like cats. I'm allergic to some cats, ...

Help Seasonal Allergies in 1 1/2 Year Old

Like the other mom responded, Zyrtec was prescribed to our daughter at about the same age. She has an allergy to cats and we use it when we visit family. ...

Could I Be Allergic to My Dog?

I did this in college while living with my best friend, who is a cat person. I'm horribly allergic to cats, but if I wash my hands after touching them and ...

Allergy Testing in Two Year Old

Apr 16, 2009 ... I was told I was allergic to cats and many food items but found out many years later it was only cat dander I was allergic to, my 4 cats get ...

Seasonal Allergies in 13 Month Old?

I'm pretty sure he had an allergy test when he was that age. It is a simple test , and we found out he was allergic to cats and also seasonal. ...

3 Yr Old with Major Allergies

and allergies to cats and dust mites. I have to give her baby oil baths and lotion several times a day - plus she is on a generic claritan. ...

Peanut Allergy

Surprisingly, my 13 year old was recently diagnosed with an allergy to cats, dogs 'kentucky blue grass' and some other type of grass. ...

I Think My Sons Are Allergic to Dogs and My Inlaws Have One...

I think its dog allergies since the symptoms are exactly like my mom's when sheis exposed to animal hair. .... Possibly Allergic to Cats and Dogs ...

9-Month-old Breaking Out in Hives After Dog Licks Him

If it makes you feel better, I am allergic to cats but have had them all my life . I just can't groom them or have them sleep on my pillows and stuff like ...
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  • try to keep the dog from licking in 2 answers "I would just watch it and try to keep the dog from licking him as much as possible."
  • sounds like seasonal allergies in 2 answers "yes, it sounds like seasonal allergies. I don't think there is a need to test him ..."
  • hypo allergenic dog in 2 answers "I know there is no such thing as a hypo-allergenic dog, but our next pet will probably ..."
  • carry an epi pen in 2 answers "You will probably need to carry an epi-pen for accidental peanut exposure (with medical ..."
  • grew up with poodles in 2 answers "i am allergic, i grew up with poodles, they are great."