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Allergy to Mosquito Bites

Jul 5, 2009 ... I called my children's allergy office(my son gets allergy shots and has for 3 years) and the nurse also recommended B1. ...

Red Dye in Food Allergy

None of my children have had that allergy, luckily, but---reading the ingredients is good but it is still a little like pick up sticks. ...

Peanut Allergy

I am 30 and have a severe allergy to the entire nut family since I was a toddler . I have 2 children now, and one is not allergic (he is 10), ...

Allergy Medicine for a 5 Year Old Boy

I am 34 yrs old and have taken a lot of allergy meds. My 2 youngest children have had allergy troubles and on different meds. ...

10 Month Old Allergies

Read all 12 responses: "My 10 month old son has had constant allergies, runny nose, itchy watery eyes etc. Does anyone know when children grow out of this?

Allergies in 5 Year Old - Medication/side Effects?

Apr 27, 2009 ... Both my 5 yr old son and my husband have horrible allergies, and the only meds that work for them is Claritin. My son takes the children's ...

At What Age Do You Let Children Eat Peanut Butter?

Most of the children in both patient groups had other food allergies, including eggs, cow's milk, nuts, fish, soy, wheat and sesame seeds. ...

Help Seasonal Allergies in 1 1/2 Year Old

My 24 month has seasonal allergies also. I gave her Benadryl last fall and now she takes Clartin for Children. Both her and her 8 month old sister take the ...

3-Year-old and Seasonal Allergies

1) If any of you have kids with seasonal allergies, what have you used that works, especially for decongestant .... allergies infant · decongestant children ...

Are There Any Books About Avoiding Allergies While Pregnant?

I'm not aware of any books on which foods to avoid while pregnant to avoid food allergies in children. I have just been told to stay away from the high ...
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