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Allergy Shots

That truly depends on how strong the allergy is for the child. My daughter is allergic to dogs/cats also. She kept getting hives is all. ...

Allergic to Dogs After Pregnancy? Tips and Advice!!!

Read all 27 responses: "Greetings Ladies, I have and 11 month daughter (our first), and last Friday my husband came home with a dog.

Toddler with Seasonal Allergies

My son and I both had terrible allergies. Our allergist diagnosed us both with pollen allergies, my son also had dog and oak tree allergies, ...

Allergies and Cats

My family is allergic also. My son and husband love cats but we just got a dog and now lo and behold they are dog lovers! I wouldn't put anyone's health in ...

Should I (We) Get a Dog?

I would check past the allergies and make sure that the temperment of the bread of dog you choose is okay with the age your boys are. ...

Toddler with Allergies - I Need Some Suggestions!

People are actually allergic to dog saliva - not dog hair. ... I don't know if it works with dogs or not, but I have an allergy to cats and my children ...

Advice? Allergic to Something in Home?

Actually, you could be allergic to your dog or cats. As a child, my family always had a dog and a cat and it seemed that my allergies were only related to ...

Could It Be Allergies? Advise Me Please

I am very allergic to trees so my symptoms get worse outside and my 4 year stepson is allergic to dogs and his gets worse inside. (when the dog has been ...

Nasal Allergies in a Toddler?

We had him tested as we thought there could be peanut allergies going on and he is allergic to peanuts (not horribly) and Dog Silvia! who knew! so we have ...

Could This Be Allergies?

DD has life threatening peanut, and milk, egg and fish plus cat and dog. Son is allergy free so far. Just as FYI - Children's Zyrtec is awesome and our ...
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  • stay away from cats in 2 answers "I think, if it were me, I'd stay away from cats."
  • get some allergy meds in 2 answers "... see how it goes after a day or two and if it doesnt work get some allergy meds ..."
  • tried all other options in 2 answers "If you havent tried all other options, I would not go directly to shots...The shots ..."