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Toddler with Allergies - I Need Some Suggestions!

It's the animal's dander and saliva that contain allergens, so you ... There are soaps made to negate the allergens on the dog, but I've not used them. ...

Seeking Bagless Vacuum Cleaner: Need Advice!

It has a bag but it was designed to keep dust and allergens from going back into the air. ... I know my house has less allergens in it. ...

Allergy Shots and Pregnancy

Maybe the allergens might affect the baby once the baby gets bigger. ... Most allegy shots only contain allergens, so there are no drugs in them. ...

Hives That Won't Go Away

A lot of food allergens are listed under disguised names or names one ... FWIW, vitamins can be highly allergenic so look at everything you are giving him. ...

Skin Reaction to Peanut & Cashew Butter

Then we went to an NAET allergist ( who tested my son for 160 different allergens through neuroscensory muscle testing (NMT) and foundhe had 11 ...

Cold Rotations

This helps the body build its own defense against local allergens. ... It could be inside allergens as well as outdoor allergens. As far as a sore throat my ...

Boxer Has Really Bad Allergies

Sep 2, 2009 ... Once my mom removed the allergens, her dog has stopped scratching, gnawing, etc. .... Seems to be a popular allergen lately. Look at the dog food you are ...

Mom Seeking Help or Remdies for Atomic Eczema

The first thing is to make sure you have eliminated all your daughter's known allergens from her diet and environment. Take time and go through all of your ...

Want to Know More About NAET

NAET doesn't "trick" your body into thinking that it is not allergic to something, it shows the body that it can come in contact with the allergen and not ...

Should I Get My Daughter Her 9 Month Vaccines?

This cuts out any dietary allergens that she may have with the exclusion of ... I have restricted my diet from everything allergenic at various times as ...
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