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Delivery Experience with Dr's from St. Vincents Columbia Women's Clinic

I have quite a few friends who also go there and all of us are very pleased with all of the doctors we have met there. Another one did one of my son's ...

Problem with reflux....need Advice!!

May 15, 2009 ... 2nd All of us need acids in our stomach to digest food. So reducing versus eliminating the acids would be ideal. Try natural enzymes and/or ...

Best Hospital to Have a Baby...? Worst?

Anyway, she told all of us that her son was in the 6th floor nursery, so off we go to the 6th floor nursery escorted by the daddy. ...

Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin in Babies

He's now three, but when he was an infant we used separate laundry soap (Dreft of Baby All for him and dye free All for us), plus I used a toddler dryer ...

10 Week Old and Horrible Car Rides - Please Offer Us Any Tips or Insights !

Sep 2, 2009 ... To this day (he is 2.75 yrs old), a trip longer than 45 minutes is sheer torture for all of us. He just hates to be strapped in to the seat. ...

Fun "Outside of the House" Activities for 10 Month-Old and Mommy and Daddy

We live in Lewisville and we really don't mind having to drive a bit to get somewhere fun for all of us. We are open to any suggestions from all you moms ...

Adult Tonsil Problems??

All of us kids, though, well, we only listened to the Italian. We answered everything in English. Our first-generation American parents wanted us to be ...

Teenage Boys Bad Hygiene

Good luck with all boys are getting to that age and I'm sure I'll be thinking about your request and what all of us moms have suggested. ...

Anestesia for a 7 Year Old for an MRI

Nov 8, 2009 ... Don't shy from telling her what will happen-the greatest fear from your child ( as with all of us is THE UNKNOWN and the suspense of waiting ...


Therapy is the only thing that really works for us. We were a part of a bio- medical group in our area. A bunch of these parents were doing all kinds of ...
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