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Help! My 10 Year Old Daughter Has a Problem with Dandruff!

Read all 10 responses: "My 10 year old daughter has had a problem with dandruff ... boy. he would sort of wash his hair but not get all the soap out etc. ...

Mold on Clothing

PS- bleach is really toxic, try white vinegar- it's really safe to add to your laundry and if you put it in the rinse, it gets all the soap out and acts as ...

How to bathe infant safely in bath tub?

We wash with soap and let all the soap suds go down the drain before we put the stopper in ... then they get a little time to play (depending on what time ...

Need Suggestions for Bath Soap/lotion for Sensitive Skin and Ezcema.

Meanwhile, I changed laundry soap to All Free & Clear. We have changed his bath regimen, and are using Aveeno shampoo and Cetaphil bar on his body. ...

HELP! Hand Soap in My Carpet!

Jun 11, 2009 ... It fell off, hitting a shelf on the way down and broke, splattering hand soap all over my carpet. It's about a 1' x 2' section of carpet. ...

How to decorate a bathroom for 2 boys and 2 girls?

They finally decided on peguins... the shower curtain is penguins and so are all the soap dishes etc. Its not what I would have picked but they are so proud ...

Advice on Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

I gave all the girls in the daycare christmas ornaments last year. This year we are giving them all handmade soap. If money is tight-- have the kids help ...

Need Help with Line Drying

sounds like not all the soap is rinsing from your clothes. Try this: 1)Cut back on the amount of soap that you use int eh wash. ...

How Do I Get My 4Yo to Stop Saying Unacceptable Words?

I am really not for punitive measures like washing out a kid's mouth with soap. A sitter did that to me one time and all I took from the experience was an ...

Tired of Hard Water

It makes you feel like when you take a shower that all the soap isnt off you, but you get used to it and it even makes your dishes look cleaner, ...
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